Strippers, Preachers and Strip Clubs.

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In Dallas, Texas a preacher was seen at a strip club by a neighbor of the preacher. It did not take long for the word to get back to members of the preacher’s congregation and ultimately to his wife. You may think the preacher would have tried to deny being at the strip club, especially to his wife, maybe pull a Shaggy “It wasn’t me”. No, not this man of God, he did not lie. Instead he told his wife and the church that he frequents the strip club but not for worldly pleasures, but to win souls for Christ.

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While the preacher’s story might sound incredible, it does make sense. Where is the best place for a preacher to find and save the souls of sinners? The answer is for the preacher to be at a place frequent by sinners. If one was ti make a list of places frequent by sinners, a strip club would definitely be in the top ten. So regardless of how one feels about the preacher’s story, it does make for a great defense.

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  1. I have a friend before she became saved she was a frequent visitor of night clubs but when I saw her in a club passing out flyers , my first thought were no this winch in here because she missed that club life . To me if you want to save someone soul, why not catch them before they even enter the place …………

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