God created woman first.

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God created woman first.
God created woman first.

According to the bible, God created man and then from man he took a rib and created a woman. However, after Eve, no other man or woman came from the rib of a man. Instead both man and woman come from the womb of a woman. It makes more sense to say God created Eve and then from the womb of Eve came Adam. Human beings have been coming out of the womb of a woman from since then. If the bible is correct, we would have to admit that man being first was a mistake.

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There were no mistakes in creation. The writers of the bible just got it wrong. Maybe the mistake came from all the numerous translations, revisions and versions. Common sense says the womb must have been first. It does not make logical sense to say the womb came last.

First there was the womb, from the womb came the man. Since woman has the womb, it is obvious that it is woman first.

Look how natural it comes to say mother earth and refer to earth as her. That is just nature talking to us naturally. First the woman, then the man.

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  1. So we’re human faith going and did God create all this things and he is not around to do so?

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