When women drive men to become bad fathers.

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Angry Woman
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A while ago we did a post where called out men who were missing from their children lives. Basically we were putting the full blame on the men and not considering that sometimes it can be the mothers who push the fathers out of the children’s life.

A gentlemen did not appreciate that we were putting the blame squarely on the fathers and boy did he let us have. Below is the reader’s response just as he posted it. Please excuse the language but we did not want to take anything away or add anything to what he posted.

This blog post and its responses make about as much sense as worshipping shit! You motherfuckers forget what goes into a situation that makes bad fathers, absentee fathers, good fathers and any other type of father out there.

First of all you man-hating-vindictive-but-still-addicted-to-dick whores…don’t get bitter about a man just because things did not work out for you… for one reason or another…examine YOURSELF and the SITUATION that made your ghetto ass a single mama. IT TAKES TWO…COUNT EM’ TWO TO TANGO!

Second to you no-nutsack-having-pussy-gloryfying-shit-don’t-stink-faggots out there…keep smelling your own shit and revel in its pungency till it fades from your punk asses. You Motherfuckers don’t know a Man’s situation…the reason he is the way he is.

Understand that we all are born and are products of our environment…and our environment in turn influenced by prior generations, and ancestral environmental circumstances and so forth and so on.

Well I was three…that’s right I remember back that far…I watched as my mom and her family beat the shit out of my father and chase him off. With a child’s sense, I knew I lost my ‘security’ that night…as my mom from my earliest memories was an abusive vindictive person, who cursed my father’s name every chance she got, even after he died a couple years ago having been divorced 39 years!

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She was still mad at a dead man, because he was a player. But still, he was a good father because I remembered feeling happy and safe around him when I was that young…my mom scared the shit out of me. I physically and emotionally dreaded the times when she came home from work. Given the chance, I would have gone to live with him, but my mom’s vindictiveness did not even allow him to come near us.

A person is truly unique if he or she can ‘outthink’ and ‘out will’ their given situation and elevate one’s self to overcome whatever odds fate has dealt him or her.

This blog post pissed me off ’cause the issue at hand is not as simple as you simple fucks make it! Some of you talk as if there are droves of men out there fucking poor unsuspecting innocent women and then running off without a care in the world. You fuckers make me laugh.


Other than rape victims…you sad ass confused-vindictive-dick-addicted-man-haters don’t have room to talk.

I never wanted kids ’cause I knew what it took to raise them after being the family baby sitter from a very young age. But after a year with a chick who was on birth control…we ended up pregnant because she decided to quit taking her ‘pill’ without telling me. Could it have been because her friends around her were pregnant including her sis?

I was pissed, but took it head on…at 27, I was not ready to be a fucking father. So I did my best…of course the relationship went south and we ended up with two boys. I did all the shit expected of a father when we were together…I could post some Daddy Daycare pics too but I’m not here to get coos from you motherfuckers. I could care less about you shitheads on this issue.

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After the split, she got half… that’s right fuck heads, half of what I TOOK HOME not a measly 17%. I took the boys whenever I was home, I have not had a weekend out in 15 years…read it and weep

I even offered the ex more money when she said she was gonna strip for extra cash just so my two boys didn’t grow up with a fucking stripper for a mom!

I then married a woman who’s 12 year old son never even saw his dad…and when he was 18 guess who didn’t want to be a mom anymore…needless to say I’m not married to her anymore, but her son…my stepson lives with me.

I am a crappy father…I’m just trying to get by on half my earnings, and getting my boys every weekend. I try to teach them not to fall into my shoes…I want them to be better than me…and most of all I try to instill in them the tools to recognize and stay away from making bad decisions…especially with no good retarded whores.

And by the way listen to what YOUR Jesus taught…”why are you concerned with the spec in your neighbor’s eye when there is a FUCKING RAILROAD TIE lodged in yours’?”

Peace bitches!



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1 Comment

  1. I know the blogger whose reply you posted seems to have experienced the worst but its sad to see that it clearly has affected him in a way that must affect his environment. Unless we are seeing a side to him that does not otherwise exist, his attitude would also affect anyone who is around him constantly, including his children.

    His words to me indicate that even though he has a point about the many women that make life hard for the men who they have children with, there is always another side to those “simple bitch” stories. Frankly if he dsiplayed the type of anger I am seeing on this post then it may be these women had legitimate fears of him. He sounded downright abusive in his post.He said he didnt care about what people thought but yet he bothered to write you and my feeling is that the people he was trying to persuade to see the other side of these situations ( i.e. from the man’s point of view) cannot now see it because all they hear is an abusive man writing disrepsectful things to women.

    But as he says he doesn’t really care what people think so he shouldn’t have a problem with the fact that he defeated the purpose of his posting. He sounds sad angry and abusive if you ask me and while I feel bad for his situation, he actually makes me feel sorry for the women that ran away from their responsibility and makes me wonder what else happened to them that he did not tell us.It takes alot for others to feel sorry for a person who just left their responsibility behind since they are indeed sorry for doing so. So you must understand how scary and merciless and angry his post sounded to get my mind there.

    I have seen the effects of what he is talking about. I have close family members ( male) who I have watched in tears because of similar situations but not one of them would i support in disrespecting women in this way. I don’t care how much they have suffered.


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