Wally British leads Shenseea to a righteous path.

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Wally British and Shenseea
Wally British and Shenseea

Often times in dancehall, similar to hip hop, artists will do almost anything to achieve financial success and once that success is achieved their primary objective it to floss and show off.

We saw such behavior with Shenseea when the the diva released a video of herself and another female half-naked in bed in order to gain views for her video with no regard that she was promoting lesbianism to her young impressionable fans.

Thanks to a fellow Jamaican, Shenseea seems to have learnt that there are other things she can do that will have a positive and beneficial impact on the children.

Influenced by an initiative that was started by comedian Wally British to provide poor Jamaican students with tablets not only to bridge the digital divide but also to accommodate distant learning in the current coronavirus pandemic, the singjay is giving away 100 tablets from her own pocket.

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Although Wally British’s approach is a little different than Shenseea’s in the fact that the comedian uses her platform to raise funds rather than doing it from her own pocket, it shows the great good that can be achieved when Jamaicans influence each other in a positive way.

Shenseea’s bold and generous initiative was announced by the artist herself on her personal social media platforms.

“I promised myself that after I did my first show I would do a giveaway. So I bought over 100 tablets for kids who are in need. So if you or anybody you know is in need of a tablet please to let me know. I feel like with parents being underpaid and some people being out of a job right now to purchase a tablet or a laptop to allow the kids to participate in online schooling. It is extremely vital for kids to be given a chance to access education. So I bought them. I will be distributing them island wide, so please to hit me up or any member of my team,” she said on Social Media.

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Shenseea did tie her tablet giveaway initiative to marketing her brand but the greater good of a poor child having a tablet is in no diminished by this marketing ploy.

“I made sure to put my logo on it. So if you see anybody trying to sell it to you, nuh buy it. Mi buy it fi yuh already. Nuh buy it from nobody, its free,” Shenseea said.

Both Wally British and Shenseea deserve a lot of credit and praise for what they are doing, especially Wally British who is not only using her platform to give but influencing others to do the same.



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