Is America killing innocent black men for their penises?

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Are innocent Black men being killed for their penises?
Are innocent Black men being killed for their penises?

Numerous innocent and unharmed Black men have been gunned down by police lately? Why have we seen such an increase? Has the government been stockpiling organs from these young black men, mainly their penises?

In 2016, Johns Hopkins University doctors performed the first US penis transplant.

A Johns Hopkins spokeswoman confirmed a New York Times report that numerous such operations have been performed at the hospital since, mainly on soldiers who suffered genital injuries in bomb blasts while fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The 12-hour operations involve the stitching together of nerves and blood vessels and restore urinary function and the ability to have sex.

Because the procedure restores only the penis and not the testes, the patient are not be able to have biological children, according to the report.

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According to the Times, more than 1,367 soldiers who suffered injury to their genitals between 2001 and 2013 in Iraq and Afghanistan have had successful penis transplants.  So where did they get all the penises for the transplants? Most likely, they are coming from the numerous innocent young Black men who have been killed by the police.

Although the procedure is not required to save a life, doctors and Pentagon officials told the newspaper they believe it is worthwhile to deal with the psychological trauma suffered by the soldiers.

This year, the university has been authorized to perform 60 more of the surgeries.  They claim they are using organs from deceased males whose families have given permission.

Last year, a South African man received a successful penis transplant and has gone on to father two children. In this case, the man’s testicles were not damaged so he was able to have children.  In fact, there was nothing wrong with the man, he just wanted a bigger penis.

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“Just like women want bigger breasts and bigger butts, there are many men out there who want bigger penises and it is now possible,” said John Houston, a doctor at Dallas Memorial Hospital.

The killing of unarmed Black men by the police have also seen a rise in South Africa, making it difficult to believe that it is just a coincidence that these killings and successful penis transplants are rising together.




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