Buju Banton has the Bahamas economy rocking for the weekend.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

The Bahamas tourism sector is booming for the weekend and the island owes it all to reggae artiste Buju Banton. The artiste is continuing the second leg of the Long Walk to Freedom tour and reggae fans from all over the world are on the island to enjoy and witness history.

Yesterday over 8 thousand visitors arrived at the Nassau International Airport to witness Buju Banton’s performance tonight. Hotels were packed, AirBnB are all booked out, rental car business are out of cars and it is impossible to find a place to eat where you don’t have to wait for at least 20 minutes to be served.

“The high number of visitors are very unusual at this time of the year,” The Bahamas tourism ministry said.

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The month of March is not usually a high tourism month in the Bahamas but all the excitement around Buju Banton’s second leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour has buck that trend.

“The arrivals over the weekend have been very strong. It was over 8,000 yesterday and the arrivals continue to be strong today as come to enjoy tonight’s show,” said Tourism Minister Wayne Pendegrast. “We knew Buju Banton would draw a large crowd after seeing what he did in Jamaica so we are well prepared for it.”

Buju Banton’s concert at the National Stadium in Jamaica on March 16th drew more than 30,000 people, most of whom flew in from North America, Europe, and as far away as Australia.

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The Bahamas is not expecting to meet or beat Jamaica’s numbers but they are expecting it to be pretty close in the 25 to 27 thousand range.

Buju Banton also has future shows coming up in Barbados and St. Kitts. If the Rasta singer can continues to attract the huge crowds he has been attracting, he will do for the Caribbean Tourism something that not even Bob Marley did while he was alive.



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