Do white wives stand by their Black husbands more than Black wives?

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Golden Tate and wife, Elise Tate
Golden Tate and wife, Elise Tate

In the New York Giants’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, the wife of wide receiver Golden Tate, was not happy that her husband was not being targeted much in the game, and she went on Instagram in defense of her man.

Her Instagram post was later taken down but not before Giants head coach Joe Judge got wind of it and confronted the player about his wife’s rant. Her public rant ended up causing Tate to be kicked out of practice for a day.

“I spoke to Golden at length today and we’re dealing internally with a lot of things,” Judge told reporters. “We have a walk-through today. He is not going to be at the walk-through today but he will be back in the building and practicing with us the remainder of the week. It will be business as usual.”

Should a player ever be punished for something his wife did even if it is detrimental to the team? That is the question most people would be asking, however, at Don’s barber shop in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, that question did not even come up on a regular Tuesday morning quarterback barbershop talk.

The subject of the day in the barbershop was whether a Black wife would have had her man’s back the way Tate’s wife did.

“Hello no,” said one patron,”a sista wouldn’t even be watching the game, she just want to make sure he is getting paid so she can go shopping.”

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The truth is, what Tate’s wife did not take much courage, at least not enough to be considered standing by or standing up for man. She basically just rant on social media, something preteens and teenagers do all day, everyday.

Below is Golden Tate’s wife (Elise Tate) full Instagram rant.

Getting so many texts throughout the game GT WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN. I KNOWWWWW.

I mean yeah given ONE chance in the fourth quarter of course he comes down with the ball! He’s @showtimetate !!


Same exact thing last game. one target in the first quarter – of course – an epic TD. HE NEEDS TO BW [sic] FED THE BALL. Period. Watch the film. He always comes down with the ball. His 1000 yard seasons he had targets! Plain and simple and 600+ of them are YAC!

Making the most of every opportunity! @profootballfocus @nfl @espnnfl rewatch this game and just point out the time after time after time he’s wide open. I’m lit. 11yrs in the NFL I’ve never said something like this online. but it’s excruciating to watch and killing his stats this year but you can’t have yards on a few to no targets. He’s CRAZY Making the most of what comes his way that’s for sure tho. Every time.

And he’s gonna kill me for saying all this so I’ll prob have to delete this soon so until he sees it … and his teamplayer self, gonna make me take this down. But no. fans watch games as a whole. I watch ONE player, no offense to anyone he’s my husband, but it’s excruciating to follow around 15 on the screen and see him WIDE OPEN ALL GAME, then given a chance in the fourth quarter comes down with the big TD and that wasn’t any miraculous catch Compared to his crazy highlight reels. that was just normal.

After he scores he looked in the camera and said “THROW ME THE BALL”

Year 11 he knows what he doing! HES HEALTHY! And every damn time he gets an opportunity it’s a big play. Ain’t no way this BS gonna hurt his stats this yr bc he doesn’t get targets. FEED HIM THE BALL.

The above rant is more immature than anything else and in the end all it did was get her husband in trouble. On the other hand, millions of Black women have given their lives standing up for their Black men.

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