A Rasta Historian tells it like it is.

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Gabriel Selassie I, the Rasta Historian
Gabriel Selassie I, the Rasta Historian

The following is contributed by Rasta Historian, W Gabriel Selassie I,The Revolutionary Historian.

This is a response to some disagreements from what Rasta is and isn’t which stemmed from the post There is nothing Rasta about White Rastas.

Just to clarify because many of you have no idea what Rastafari is about.

Rastafari was created as a response to White Supremacy in the Americas and in Africa. Its founders like Leonard Howell developed their main ideas based on the teachings of Marcus Garvey. Garvey preached Black Supremacy.

One Love was created by Garvey so that blacks, who were not united in the Diaspora, would unite under his banner. His organization the Universal Negro Improvement Association And Communities League was off limits to whites. Garvey did not dislike whites, but he realized that blacks could not prosper until they united, like Jews, Irish, Republicans etc.

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Bob Marley did NOT create “One Love”. There is NOTHING in Rastafari that calls for blacks and whites to unite. Books that you post that call for Black and White Unity are NOT Foundational Rastafari Texts.

Rastafari was founded by blacks for black people. Nothing you say or do can change history.

I support any movement of white and black cooperation. Just like Jews and Blacks united to fight in the Civil Rights movement. But whites, by definition cannot be part of Rastafari. I know that will hurt some of your feelings but this is not my nor any real Rastas concern. Just like it would be unseemly to ask Jews to take non Jews, its unseemly to ask we Rastafari to destroy our history and culture.

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Sorry but these are facts beyond change.

Straight from a Rasta Historian. Learn more about the teaching of Marcus Garvey.



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  1. True rasta know this is not a religion of race it is a livity. And it does not matter what color your skin is. Bob Marley taught it, Haile Selassie taught it. Yahowshua(Jesus) taught it. Yes Marcus Garvey preached black supremacy but that’s only a response to white supremacy. He too wanted to see peace amongst all races. There is no exclusion of whites from rasta. It’s a way of life, if you can’t live by the rasta discipline, or you can’t believe hailie Selassie is the second Christ, then you cannot be rasta. Race is irrelevant. Respect for all races is mandatory.

  2. This livity was for blacks to fight against oppression, since the beginning of the movement. I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand about that. They aren’t saying “we hate white people” they are just simply stating that the movement is for blacks? THEY GUY WHO STARTED THE MOVEMENT SAYS THAT RASTAFARI IS FOR BLACKS why are whites trying to come in and change what Leonard P Howell started? It’s ok to be supportive. Then it seems as if when ras elders say that whites don’t belong they throw up the “but the movement is about love” one love. No white person knows what it is like to be black, being judged criticized and denied jobs. Let us have the Rasta movement which was created for us

  3. aligning with a belief system for love community brotherhood is good and no one but frightened small man would use skin color to try to block or disparage those who could benefit and bring love to the faith. poor man who says whites cannot… no better than man who says blacks cannot… it is same. we all need one another to fight against evil like tr*ump

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