Bob Marley started in palm reading before finding Rasta.

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Alan “Skill” Cole, one of the greatest football players out of Jamaica, says there are a lot of things about Bob Marley that people don’t know, things that only he Cole knows.

Cole was not only a close friend of Bob Marley but also the manager of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

According to Cole, many things about Bob Marley are not in Marley’s biography and a lot of things in the biography are lies.

“Many people jumping on the bandwagon and claiming that they know about Bob, most of it is just fiction. Bob is a man who never talk much, so it is unlikely that people would know much about him. I am the only person that I can honestly tell you that he didn’t hide anything from. When we used to drive together and sell records, Bob would tell me stories. He would drive, and I would listen, and as soon as anyone came close, he would cut off – and that was the quiet part that nobody knew. He told me his life story, and I don’t think anybody else knows,” Cole revealed.

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Cole said that in the early years, Bob Marley was a psychic, a practice that is condemned by Rasta.

“As a little boy in Nine Miles, he used to read palms. People used to line up and he would read their palms. When him stop doing this was the first time him father tek him to town and carry him outa west, near back-o-wall, because him didn’t go to Trench Town initially… When him meet the Rastaman dem, dem say that a devilism and him just let it go. Even when he went back to Nine Miles and the people kept coming, he told them that him stop doing that.” Cole disclosed.

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From the day bob Marley found Rasta until his earthly journey completed, he never read another palm, according to Cole.

“Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past”.



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