Koffee and Dalton Harris engaged to be married this Christmas.

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Dalton Harris and Koffee
Dalton Harris and Koffee

Everyone thought that the biggest secret in dancehall was which high official in the Jamaican Government was making it possible for Vybz Kartel to record music behind bars. That secret pales in comparison to the one we just found out. It turns out that the best kept secret in the dancehall community was the love affair between Grammy Princess Koffee and the 2018 X Factor winner, Dalton Harris.

It is no longer a secret. Koffee and Dalton Harris are getting married this Christmas. What a great Christmas gift for Jamaica.

So there you have it Jamaicans. You can now leave the young people alone and let them live their lives, enjoy their success and continue to build on that success. Show some love and stop building people up just to tear them down.

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Koffee or Dalton never told any of you that they were gay yet you form your own narrative just so you could hate on them.

You people embrace convicted murderers and drug dealing conspirators yet you hate a young lady because she sometimes dresses like a man.

Instead of playing Koffee’s songs some bad breath selectors are too busy criticizing her. Instead of playing their part and help to build the artist so Jamaica could give the world the next Tracy Chapman, they are busy trying to destroy her career.

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When Tessanne Chin won the voice she was given a queen’s welcome on her return to Jamaica but when Dalton Harris won the X Factor, Jamaicans found a convenient excuse to make sure their own Black brother get treated less than the Asian. That mentality is the reason why the Chinese have taken over most of Jamaica and will fully take over in the next few years. So as your beloved convicted murdering deejay would say, “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”



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  1. Love love that young man called “Dalton Harris” he is so special, so cute. God bless and keep him.

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