Lybran is keeping the fun in dancehall music.

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Lybran the Rum Boss
Lybran the Rum Boss

Sometimes the most popular songs in dancehall can lead one to believe that the genre is all about sex, murder and mayhem. It sometimes seem like light hearted comedic lyrics are a thing of the past, however, Lybran the rum boss has been working hard at keeping comedy in the dancehall alive.

The St. Thomas deejay hails from Morant Bay, the same place where Paul Bogle led one of Jamaica’s fiercest rebellions. Lybran’s lyrics are far from rebellious, however, instead the entertainer sing songs have kept fans laughing all over Jamaican and those lyrics and laughter are now spreading worldwide.

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Lybran’s delivery might remind some of the dancehall legends Tiger but his flow his definitely new millennium. Many dancehall fans agree that Lybran is the most fit to pick up the Professor Nuts’ mantle and be handed the crown as the king of dancehall comedy.

While the deejay delivers his lyrics as if he is drunk, he wants his fans to know that he is not promoting alcoholism in any way.

“I am into the act of drunkenness to deliver a message in my performance, not literally. I promote that people must be at the legal age to drink, and do so responsibly,” Lybran told a Jamaican publication.

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The deejay takes it as his responsibility to keep the fun in dancehall and intends to work hard to make sure comedy in the music will not become a thing of the past.

“I know I am one of the missing pieces of the dancehall family and our music needs what I have. I always wanted to be on the big stage to entertain a wider audience,” he said.



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