Jamaican prisons are 5-Star hotels if you have money, according to former prisoner.

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Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre
Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre

As discussions rage about a tunnel that was found by Jamaican authorities, which connects the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre to a nearby church, a former prisoner is claiming that the tunnel has been there for 20 years.

If this former inmate is correct, it will be a major embarrassment to the Jamaican prison system for just finding out about something that prisoners knew about for 20 years.

The man who claims to have spent 4 years in the “maximum security” facility says that the prison is actually a “beautiful place” for those who have money.

“You people don’t know what go down inside that prison; you pay for us inmates to live like kings. I have a good 4 years in there, amazingly beautiful place to be at,” the former inmate said.

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When pressed about how anyone could possible find prison to be a beautiful place, the inmate explained how prisoners can basically get anything they want when they are behind Jamaica’s prison walls.

“You don’t know what happen in that prison, money gives you anything you want. You on the outside don’t know a thing. In my 4 years I never eat prison foods, JP a five-star hotel,” he claimed.

The former inmate statements also debunked those on social media who claimed that Vybz Kartel had the tunnel built so he could sneak out in order to record his music and come back. While it is possible that the world boss takes advantage of the tunnel, he clearly did not have it built if this former inmate is correct.

It was never a secret that there is a lot of corruption in the Jamaican justice system but no one knew it was at this level. It is difficult to believe that someone could spend four years in prison and not eat prison for even one day.

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As for the authorities not finding out about the tunnel until some 20 years later, the former inmate said the following:

Fuck JDF, if we the inmates don’t want society to know something you cannot know. Why we ago run out a GP when we can get anything we want.”

All the former inmate’s comments can be found on the 18 Karat Reggae page.



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