Another Marley Marijuana Business.

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Julian Marley
Julian Marley

With a Bob Marley brand of marijuana getting ready to launch, his son Julian Marley is turning it into a family business.

Julian Marley’s move into the cannabis industry got another boost on Tuesday, when it was announced that his main business partner, Dropleaf LLC, signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Jacksam Corporation to manufacture and distribute vaporisers and other cannabis accessories bearing the name and imagery of the musician.

According to various online sources, the brand will bear Marley’s nickname, ‘JuJu Royal’, and was developed to bring premium quality products to the cannabis industry with a Rastafarian/reggae theme. Jacksam Corp rolled out the industry’s first and only disposable vape pen for liquid, oil and wax in mid-2014. In addition to several other first-to-market vaporisers, the developer of ‘JuJu Royal’ devices will offer disposable, as well as rechargeable oil pens, to various dispensaries across the United States.

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‘JuJu Royal’ branded products were put on display at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo, Javits Center in New York City yesterday, and will remain on exhibition until tomorrow. Consumers in states where cannabis is legal will soon be able to find ‘JuJu Royal’ merchandise, vaporisers, grinders, lighters, pipes, rolling papers, ash trays, and some of the most unique hybrid and land-race strains on the shelves of local dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores.

In October 2014, Julian Marley, son of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, and Dropleaf LLC teamed up to create a full line of cannabis-related products as well as development of hybrid and land-race strains inspired by Julian Marley. The young Marley is following in his father’s footsteps by advocating for the legalisation of marijuana through his music. By month’s end, it is expected that the singer will release a new single titled Lemme Go, which is said to be in anticipation of the ‘freeing up’ of the substance in Jamaica, following the Government’s decision to decriminalise small amounts of marijuana in the island.

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