Konshenseea: Konshens and Shenseea had a romantic fling, according to sources.

Konshens and Shenseea aka Konshenseea
Konshens and Shenseea aka Konshenseea

Dancehall diva Shenseea and Konshens collaborated on a few songs together in the past but words are now coming out that the two were actually making more than studio music together. According to sources on the inside of both artistes’ camp, for a long stretch of time the two were actually making sweet music between the sheets.

According to the source they were always “lovey dovey” in the studio but everyone thought they were just joking around and being extra friendly.

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“One time Shenseea even told Konshens that he should divorce his wife and marry her (Shenseea) and they could change their name to Konshenseea,” the source told 18 Karat Reggae. “We all laugh and thought it was funny but then we start noticing that sometime they would both be missing at the same time so we start catching on.

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The source also said that partners for both artistes at times became suspicious of the two.

“A nuff time Konshens wife come to the studio looking for him and can’t find him and when you take a stock, Shenseea is missing too. Even Romeich noticed it more time,” the source concluded.

So maybe while the two were teaming up with Rvssian for the “Hard Drive” in public; in private, Konshens was sticking the diskette in Shenseea’s disk drive.

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18 Karat Reggae reached out to both artistes’ camps but neither camp would confirm or deny if there ever was really a Konshenseea connection in the bedroom.



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