Drake feared getting a Black woman pregnant, according to family member.

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If you googled the women who Drake have been romantic with, you would see an impressive list of beautiful Black and Brown women. The Canadian rapper has been romantically involved with the cream of the crop of Black and Brown women in sports, entertainment and even a few Instagram wannabe models. His list includes the likes of Serena Williams, Crystal Westbrooks, Rihanna and Jorga Smith.

Of all the beautiful Black and Brown women Drake dated, he never got any of them pregnant instead he chose a white European pornstar by the name of Sophie Brussaux to be the mother of his child. Was this just a coincidence?

According to a close family member who has asked that their identity not be revealed, it is no coincidence that Drake got a white woman pregnant despite dating mostly Brown and Black women.

“Drake loves Black women but he always wanted the mother of his children to look like his mother plus from his experience in life he truly believe that the darker you are the more difficult life can be and he want his children to have the best life possible,” the family member said.

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The family member also stated that many of the Black and Brown women Drake dated wanted to have his child but the rapper declined, including Serena Williams, which eventually led to their breakup.

“People think it is coincidence why Drake and Serena’s children are less than two months apart but it is not,” the family member said. “Serena wanted to have a baby and so did Drake but he did not want it with a Black woman. He was honest with Serena about this and told her the reason behind his thinking. Serena having experience tremendous racism in her tennis career, especially at Indian Wells understood where [Drake] was coming from. So they broke off their relationship and Serena went looking for a baby father.”

As for Drake behaving like the pregnancy was an accident, the family member disputes that.

“It is no coincidence that Drake’s son was born on Drake’s birthday. It was perfectly planned out and Sophie’s pregnancy was no accident. If it was not for the fact that Drake wanted his child to share birthday with him, he might have been born in the same month as Serena’s daughter,” the family member continued.

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The family member went on to say that some family member were angry when Drake got Rose got pregnant not because she was white but because she was a pornstar.

“Our family would accept any woman he chose to have a baby with regardless of color but when he chose a pornstar over the likes of a Serena Williams, we felt like he gave up the cream of the crop for the cream of the crap,” the family member concluded.

We can confirm that Serena Williams and Drake were in a relationship just prior to Serena getting together with her now husband and father or her daughter and Drake getting Sophie Brussaux pregnant. We can also conform that Drake’s song shares the same birthday as Drake, however, we cannot confirm that any of this was planned as stated by the family member.



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