White Rasta joins the Ku Klux Klan.

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White Rasta joins Ku Klux Klan
White Rasta joins Ku Klux Klan

When Ziggy Marley boasted about his strong and staunch support for apartheid Israel, we knew that “Rasta” was heading down a slippery slope as a true Rasta would not support oppression in any form.

Now a white Rasta from Virginia has up the ante in mocking the Rasta Movement when he decided to join the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

The Rasta Klan boy was spotted at a KKK rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Many people were astonishment and questioning why a Rasta would become a member of the KKK, a white supremacist group.  The white “Rasta” was also wearing several Klan symbols on his shirt.

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A while back when 18 Karat Reggae said there was nothing Rasta about white Rastas, the entertainment site caught a lot of flak and was even accused of being racist.  The truth is, 18 Karat Reggae was only pointing out the fact that you never see white Rastas protesting Black oppression.  Now, however, we can say that we have seen white Rastas supporting Black oppression.

It is a shame and downright disgrace, what the Rasta Movement that was started by Marcus Garvey and Leonard Howell has become.  First we saw a Black “Rasta” supporting apartheid and now we see a white “Rasta” supporting the KKK.  Marcus Garvey and Leonard Howell are turning in their graves.

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  1. Locs dont make you rasta!!! Thats part of the problem. White people cant be rasta anyway

  2. But where did you read this antics? All people regardless of their skin color can be Rasta, the Rasta preaches peace.
    The Rastafari movement is based on the identification of Haile Selassie through biblical prophecies, and the Rasta preaches peace and love Exactly as Haile Selassie and the elders teach.

  3. The man in this photo is not a Rasta and has never been a Rasta, he is a member of the K.K.K who wears dreadlocks for fashion just like so many other people in the world.
    Stop propaganda about the Rastafari movement

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