Popcaan defends Usain Bolt from Sean Paul’s wife.

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Usain Bolt & Popcaan
Usain Bolt & Popcaan

In recent time, so-called “Uptown” people in Jamaica have taken it upon themselves to disrespect and degrade the Black heroes of Jamaica.

First it was dancehall reggae producer Russian with his blatant disrespect of Marcus Garvey.
See: Jamaica has gone to the dogs: dancehall reggae producer disrespects Marcus Garvey.

Surprisingly, except for 18 Karat Reggae, no one, not even the Rastas came to the defense of the great Marcus Garvey. You would think people like Sizzla and Capleton would have been quick to discipline Russian.

If that was not enough, Jinx, the wife of Sean Paul came out disrespecting Usain Bolt. See: Usain Bolt and Sean Paul’s little slut.

Apparently, she thinks Bolt is not such a good neighbor, which is understandable based on the reasons she claimed. Even if she is wrong, if she thinks he is not the greatest of neighbor, she has all right to think that way. But she went on to make a comment that reeked of both racism and classism. She said, she wish Usain Bolt would “go back to where he came from”. What does that mean? Those are the words that white people in America use when a wealthy Black family moves into an affluent neighborhood that some whites believe they should not be.

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Unlike with Russian, Popcaan is not allowing Sean Paul’s wife to get away with her disrespect to Usain Bolt.

Popcaan voiced his displeasure on Instagram:

Jinx leave Usain alone and move you blood clawt. Ya gwaan like you born uptown. A people like unu nuh waa see ghetto youth have nothing. Big up Usain loud up the scheme wid the bike and the girl them some more and make some people drop dead.”

Popcaan deserves a lot of respect for standing up for Bolt. Hopefully more people will follow suit.

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To the so-called “Uptown” people, please stop disrespecting the Black heroes of Jamaica. When “Uptown” people disrespect Black Jamaican heroes, it make the Jamaican motto “Out of many, one people” look like a facade.



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  1. That’s downfall of society in general. They are built around people and lack humanity.

  2. Truth… this is exactly what I was thinking/feeling when I read about the situation. Thank you for being honest in your writing. It’s sad that some people will never change the way they think & pass their biases and prejudices onto the next generation. We can only hope for the better

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