Joe Biden shows high level of class to a classless Donald Trump.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Joe Biden and Donald Trump

When it comes to class, empathy, sympathy and love for humanity; Donald Trump is as lacking in those areas as the size of his itsy bitsy teenie weenie little hands. Trump showed his callous, small-mindedness, vengeful, cold-hearted traits after the death of great Americans like John McCain and more recently John Lewis. So when the fat slob, bigoted, orange-haired maggot lost his younger brother, many thought that Joe Biden would have given the loser a taste of his own medicine especially since both men are in a fierce battle for the presidency of the United States.

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However, the man that Trump refers to as “Sleepy Joe” was not too sleepy to show what real class is.

Biden has experienced multiple personal tragedies in his decades-long political career and frequently bonds with supporters over shared life pains. In 1972, as a 29-year-old senator-elect, Biden’s first wife and infant daughter were killed in a car crash. In 2015, his son Joseph “Beau” Biden died of a rare brain cancer.

The White House announced Robert Trump’s death on Saturday night with a statement from the president. It did not indicate a cause of death.

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Don’t expect Biden’s class to rub off on Trump. As Steel Pulse said, “concrete hearts can hold no love” and that is exactly what Trump has; a concrete heart that is cemented with hatred, vengeance and bigotry.

As for the rest of America, there is a lot to learn from Biden; even in the heat of batty, you can still show empathy and sympathy to the “enemy”.



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