Vybz Kartel and team bought his own album to make Reggae Chart, according to music expert.

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In the first week of their album release Buju Banton and Vybz Kartel came roaring out the gate and right in the Billboard top 10 Reggae Chart with their albums “Upside Down 2020: and “Of Dons and Divas”, respectively.

Just a week later and Buju Banton would still be on the chart at number 3, one step down from its debut but with all the hype, Vybz Kartel has fell completely off the chart. This has an insider puzzled and claiming that the team behind Vybz Kartel might have bought up the album in order to put him on the chart.

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Edward Augustus of Rolling Stone magazine says it is strange to see an album roll into the top 10 on its first week of release and then fall completely off the next week.

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“The week of after Buju Banton and Vybz Kartel released their album; there were no big name album release in the Reggae genre, so why was Kartel knocked off the chart so quickly?” Augustus asked. “The only thing I can think of is they themselves bought up the album in the first week to help it to chart and as soon as they stop buying the demand waned and it fell off the chart,”

Artists and labels buying their own album is nothing new. Some years ago, Cash Money’s Baby admitted to spending $1 million on Nicki Minaj’s album in order to help it top the charts.


Vybz Kartel had high hopes for “Of Dons and Divas” and even touted it has been the next Reggae Grammy Award winner but after just one week it seems like fans interest to buy the album is just not there.

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One should not count Vybz Kartel out as yet, however, it is not unusual for an album to fall off the chart and make it back on at a later date. For example, if the album spawns a big hit for the summer, that could help it back on the chart. Or if all else fails, the world boss’ team could just buy up a few more hundred copies of the album.

On the flipside, Buju Banton continues to experience tremendous success. With “Upside Down 2020” on the Billboard Top 10 Reggae chart, hejust received his RIAA certified Gold album for ‘Til Shiloh which was released 25 years ago.



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