Should Barack Obama be mentioned among the great Black leaders in history?

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Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and Malcolm X

A black history tribute to Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X and Barack Obama is causing some controversy on Social Media.

The tribute features the artist known as ThePrettyArtist doing a painting of Mandela, Obama and Malcom X while the song “Smile” by reggae artist Fitzroy Face plays in the background.

While many enjoyed the tribute, some in social media questioned whether Obama deserved to be placed among such great men.

“Malcolm X gave his life fighting for equal rights and justice for Black people. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison fighting against the apartheid system in South Africa. Remind me exactly what Obama did for Black people again?” a user by the name of Markus1122 asked on Instagram.

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Other users also discussed that Obama might have been the “first Black president” by ethnicity but in actions he was more like the “first homosexual president”.

“Obama biggest legacy is when he invited the gay football player to the white house, then he visited Jamaica telling us how we need to give homosexuals more rights and he went to Kenya with that same agenda. He was a puppet president for the homosexual community but did very little to advance Black people,” said another user going by the name of DoneOne.

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A lot of people agreed with DoneOne. Some was saying that if Pete Buttigieg wins the next presidential election he would not be the first homosexual president as Obama already has that title.

Do you think Obama deserved to be mentioned among the great Black leaders?



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