Facebook reinstates video of Jewish man vomiting on Black woman.

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Jewish Man vomits on Black woman
Jewish Man vomits on Black woman

Facebook has reinstated a video of a bigot purposely vomiting on a Black woman before hitting her over the head with a bottle. The video was posted on the 18 Karat Reggae page in the hope that the authorities would identify and arrest the culprit in the video but to the dismay of many users, Facebook deleted the video from the platform not once but twice.

Many Facebook users were wondering if Facebook was removing the video because it wanted to protect the man from having to face criminal charges for his actions. Some users also had some pretty derogatory things to say about 18 Karat Reggae for trying to bring attention to the incident.

Since there was nothing in the video that violated Facebook’s Terms of Service a review of the video was requested. Facebook reinstated the video and admitted that it should not have been removed from the platform.

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We are still trying to get word on whether or not the vile man in the video has been arrested. It was originally reported that the incident took place in Israel but we later learned that it happened in Belgium. We are still trying to find out what the Belgium authority is doing about the incident.

So far all the major news networks have refused to carry the story.



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