Marijuana helps to create great leaders.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Not everyone can be a leader, but the ones that are, are hardly known to their followers and the people love them. A leader is someone who doesn’t use his power to advance or force the achievement of his goals. In order to become a good leader you need to have a vision and skills of convincing and getting your message across at all levels of an institute.

The leader’s job is also known as a devil’s job. The leaders are made, not born. In this case we are presenting you how they are “made” by cannabis. “Their role is to enlist, negotiate, communicate, influence and persuade others to do stuff is necessary to everything you achieve in life. An effective leader is who can proficiently put in order the cooperation and help of other people to complete goals and objectives. A leader learns to become a leader by following other excellent leaders what they have done before him. Then he becomes talented in his job or skill and skillful at understanding the inspiration and behaviors of other people.

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About the team leadership, if his team contains one other person he has to directly develop a whole new set of leadership skills, to decide what these skills are and consider the origins of high-performing teams. Teams typically go through some phrases such as: forming, storming, norming and performing.

The role of leadership is always misunderstood. As we know things change and always something goes wrong. “When things go wrong or do not look stellar in the short team, all too often we criticize, condemn and chastise those in charge. A true leader’s job is to get the organization humming, to get it operating at high efficiency in order to meet both its short-term and long term goals.”

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According to this the leaders are going through many steps in order to become excellent leaders. Their job is difficult and as I said not everyone can be a leader. It is really hard to run some organization or something like that, you have to understand, think and do many other things in order to be successful. The leaders are fascinated by the future, having a vision of better future, strong sense of direction, a clear point of view; they always deal with the future and the best of all Smoke Weed!

Here we have provided couple leaders who are successful by smoking marijuana;

Gov. Sarah Palin, Phil Jackson, Rick Steves, Gary Johnson, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Hugh Hefner, Mark Johnson, John Sperling, Oprah Winfrey, George Zimmer and lot of others.



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