Should Calabar High School be proud of Vybz Kartel?

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

One of the most famous students to pass through the doors of Calabar High School in Jamaica is the self proclaimed king of dancehall, Vybz Kartel.

There was a recent post in social media where both students and alumni of Calabar were stating how proud they are of their great high school and the great students that went though the doors.

Students and alumni boasted about Jamaica’s past prime minister P.J. Patterson. There is no doubt that the Calabar fraternity should be proud of PJ. The man rose to the top of the political ranks in Jamaica and became the leader of what is probably the greatest country in the Caribbean.

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The praises did not stop at PJ Patterson, however, instead they move on to another great man the school produced, which is Vybz Kartel.

But should the Calabar fraternity be so proud of a convicted murderer? We are talking about an institution whose purpose is mold the minds of young people to be productive citizens of the country, not destructive members of some street gangs. How can they celebrate a convicted murderer?

If anything they should be ashamed that Vybz Kartel went through the doors of Calabar. They should also be ashamed of Calabar for not doing a good job with Kartel.

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Obviously God blessed Kartel with great intelligence. Calabar failed Kartel by not teacing him how to use that intelligence for the greater good.

So we can thank Calabar high school for playing a role in the excessive skin bleaching, high crime rate, material worshiping, no love of God and sexual deviancy that is taking over Jamaica.

Thank God for Kingston College.



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