Is Jah Cure smoking crack?

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

A video released by reggae superstar, Jah cure, has gotten social media buzzing and reggae fans wondering if the crooner is smoking crack or snorting cocaine.

An irate Jah posted a video warning all promoters, selectors and producers to not call his phone unless they have a lot of money.

“All sound boy, suck unu Mumma. Me name Jah Cure. Mi rich,” and irate Jah Cure said on the video.

Many fans were confused about how Jah cure could be so ungrateful to the very person who stood by him while he was in prison. Other could not believe that a Rasta would behave with such lack of humility. Some fans started calling him a fake Rasta and nasty dread.

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Others did not respond to Jah Cure’s insults with more insults, however, instead they wondered if the singer has some kind of mental illness or maybe is under the influence of crack or cocaine.

“[He is] very ungrateful considering when he was locked up for rape he was begging the music community to advocate for his release. I think he’s on coke,” said one fan.

“All jokes aside, I think it’s quite clear that Cure has some serious undressed mental health issues,” another fan lamented.

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There is also a chance that everyone is reading Jah Cure wrong. People think he is boasting of his material riches but he may just be feeling extra rich because his sister, McKadia Alcatore, who is in prison the United States on drug charges, just learned that she will be free in September of this year.



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