White man who caused the death of thousands of Jamaicans gets highway named after him.

Edward Seaga surrounded by Black clowns
Edward Seaga surrounded by Black clowns

It is difficult to imagine that Black people, Jamaicans in this case, can get any more stupid. A white man born in Boston, Massachusetts of Syrian descent who colluded with the American CIA in the murder of thousands of Jamaicans now has a highway named after him in Jamaica.

It is a well known fact that Edward Seaga was the main culprit behind the shipload of guns that came into Jamaica during the 70s and early 80s, so young Jamaican men could murder each other in the name of politics. Yet the silly people and politicians see it fit rename the North-South highway to the Edward Seaga Highway in honor of this murder.

Edward Seaga has so much Jamaican blood on his hands it could fill ten thousand drums.

Prime Minister Holness, who officially renamed the highway during a ceremony at the Unity Valley Toll Plaza in Moneague, St Ann, said the gesture is in honour of Seaga’s “contribution, his work, his dedication, his sacrifice and his life”.

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No one can name one sacrifice that Seaga made for Jamaica. He is responsible for ruining the farming in Jamaica and turning completely to tourism. So now Jamaicans work all day at these all inclusive hotels for slave wages. Instead of eating healthy Jamaican grown food like they used to, the people have become addicted to the crap America ships down to the island to stock Mega-Mart and other supermarkets.

Prime minister Holness must be seeing something that no one else can, because in his mind, it is Seaga that has built the institutions and infrastructures that define Jamaica. No one knows exactly what these institutions and infrastructures are.

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“We memorialise his work, his legacy, in a physical manifestation, and we inscribe his name on it that it might live on in the minds of those who own the future, that they may be inspired by it and seek to make similar if not greater contributions to building our nation,” Holness said.

It is sad to see Jamaicans celebrating their own death. They could name a hundred highways after Edward Seaga but it will not wash away the blood from his hands, the blood of Black children, black Jamaican children. Wake up Jamaicans, wake up Black people.



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