Rasta beaten badly for disrespecting jerk chicken and pork.

Rasta disrespects jerk chicken and gets a beating
Rasta disrespects jerk chicken and gets a beating

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places on earth but for some life can be hard. Those who can’t find a job nor has no relatives abroad to help them out, they have to hustle hard daily to survive. So when you mess with a man’s hustle and try to stop his food, he takes it very seriously.

A Rasta recently found that out the hard way when he disrespected some street vendors who were trying to make ends meet by selling jerk chicken and pork.

Honorable Prophet Peter Hylton was beaten and left for dead by the vendors after he told them that their jerk pork smelt like the dogs that the Chinese cook.

Hylton told 18 Karat Reggae that he was in the community about 8 p.m. last Wednesday when the stench of rotted meat made him feel like he was in the vicinity of a Chinese Restaurant.

“So when mi smell it, mi ask a little yute wah dat and him point to the jerk chicken pan,” Hylton said. “So mi start chant down pollution, and mi hear one of them start call mi Rasta dog, so I said that I am honorable, and I should be respected.”

According to Hylton, the argument had got rowdy and he decided to walk away when he was attacked by one of the men.

“I hear dem a say ‘He is coming’, but because I didn’t do him anything, mi nuh run. Then I see this man come with this big board knife and just start beat mi with it,” Hylton said. “Him coulda kill mi because everybody draw up their shop doors. All the people dem who live close by just go into them house.”

“A up a UC (University Hospital of the West Indies) mi a come from,” Hylton said. “After dem done beat me, I was unconscious for about two hours cause mi never get up until about 10 o’clock.”

The moral of the story is this, have your own morals and stay true to your morals. However, whenever you see another man hustling for his living, even if it goes against your morals, if he is not doing anything illegal or hurting anyone, leave him alone and let him feed his family. We also believe that pork is the wort thing to eat but we would never disrespect man selling pork to feed his family.

Some Rastafarians consider pork to be an unclean meat and compare touching it to touching death. They follow a vegan diet and eat only “Ital” foods, mostly raw fruits and vegetables.




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