Tarrus Riley and Anthony B in heated feud at Rebel Salute.

Tarrus Riley and Anothy B
Tarrus Riley and Anothy B

There are certain things you expect from dancehall artists like Popcaan and Alkaline that you would not expect from cultural Rasta artists like Tarrus Riley and Anthony B; that is a feud, whether lyrical, physical, spiritual, verbal or otherwise.

That was not the case at Rebel Salute, however, as Tarrus Riley and Anthony got into a feud, a result of which caused Tarrus Riley not to perform his scheduled set at the show. Tarrus instead went on stage during the middle of Fontan Mojah’s set to voice his opinion about being disrespected back stage, chant a couple of his hit songs and then left the venue.

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According to Tarrus Riley, Anthony B told him to “suck his mother”, an allegation that was later denied by Anthony B while being interviewed on Onstage TV.

The feud stems from Tarrus Riley wanting to perform at his scheduled time but this would require then band on the stage to clear the stage in order for Riley’s band including veteran saxophonist Dean Fraser to come on the stage. The band that cleared the stage would have to return to the stage after Riley’s performance. Anthony was not in agreement with this, as he thought the banc onstage should finish with all the artists they are backing before leaving the stage.

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According to Anthony B, the entire fracas was just a matter of ego and hype, which is something that should not happen with Rastas.

Regardless of the spat and Tarrus Riley not performing, Rebel Salute 2017 was still a huge success.



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