Ziggy Marley wins Reggae Grammy; a victory for oppression but a disgrace to Reggae and Rasta.

Ziggy Marley and his wife
Ziggy Marley and his wife

Ziggy Marley, the fake Rasta and one of the biggest supporters of Israel and the atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people as won yet another Grammy. Soon reggae will no longer be the music for the oppressed fighting for justice; rather, it is slowly becoming the music of the oppressor.

Truth be told, the only great reggae album in 2016 was 9 by Jah9 but it was not nominated for a Grammy award. Maybe Jah9 needs to start supporting apartheid Israel if she ever wants to be nominated.

This is Ziggy Marley’s 8th Grammy awards for group and solo combined. The strange this is, no one on earth can name 8 great songs by Ziggy whether in a group or solo combined, much less 8 albums.

The Marleys have been great at monetizing the words of Marcus Garvey even though it is clear they don’t believe in Marcus Garvey teachings. The irony of it all, is as they distort and destroy the teachings of Marcus Garvey, you can’t help but to see the correlation between some of Garvey’s teachings, reggae music and the Rasta movement. In fact, you could just change “Reggae Music” to “Marley Music”.

“God made man lord of his creation; gave him possession and ownership of the world. And you have been so darned lazy that you’ve allowed the other brother to run away with the whole world. Now he’s bluffing you and telling you that the world belongs to him and that you have no part in it.” – Marcus Garvey.



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