The Facts: A Collection of Poems.

The Facts
The Facts

From Wednesday August 30, 2017 to Sunday September 3, 2017, senior college student Stacy St. Hilaire will be offering her first book of poems, exclusively on the Amazon, for free.

The book, called The Facts, is a collection of 44 poems that tackle issues like race, gender, and homelessness. With a letter to the readers in the beginning, titles include “UNITY,” “Know Yourself,” and “Make America Great Again.”

According to the author, “The Facts is an answer to ‘alternative facts.’ It is also a solution for the lack of modern works and works by people of color in public schools. From “White N*ggas” which talks about modern N word use, to “White Nation, One Nation” which celebrates diversity while denouncing cultural appropriation, The Facts is an accessible way to look at and talk about modern issues for schools and book clubs alike. It is also great for personal reading as it delves into every day beauty and individual problems.”

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Quotes from the book include, “My future is my present and my past I’m timeless,” and, “We didn’t see who we could be ‘cause we were caught up in who we are.”

You can download the facts for free on Amazon this week from Wednesday to Sunday. The list price is $4.99.

Stacy St. Hilaire is a senior sociology major at City College of New York and contributor on the 18 Karat Reggae website under the pseudonym Bronx Girl who is very passionate about social equality and improving humanity. She loves poetry and believes that one cannot complain if they are unwilling to do anything. Follow her on Facebook where she shares art, beauty, and inspiration.

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