Jada Pinkett just did what Capleton told Jamaican women over 20 years ago.

Jada Pinkett and Capleton
Jada Pinkett and Capleton

Jada Pinkett the wife of Will Smith just revealed that her vagina is “a beautiful peach” after going through a vagina rejuvenation treatment. This has gotten almost every woman who has a child wondering if it is possible to get their vagina back to the way it was before giving birth.

While the vagina reconstruction is a hot topic right now, it is really nothing new, as a matter of fact, dancehall superstar Capleton sung about vagina reconstruction over 20 years ago.

In the song “Bombo Red”, Capleton told a lady by the name of Mildred that her punnany needed to be rethreaded. So Jada Pinkett might refer to it as rejuvenation while Capleton calls it rethreading but both terms means to reconstruct.

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Jada says her 64-year-old mother also had her vagina rejuvenated/rethreaded and it is back to being like when she was in her twenties.

“A lot of women focus on keeping the Vagina healthy for sex and pleasing man,” Pinkett Smith says, to which her mom adds, “But you gotta do it for yourself.”

During the procedure, an instrument called the “UltraFemme 360″ is repeatedly inserted into the Vagina. “It introduces heat which stimulates cellular turnover which makes you feel younger again. And it gets tighter and nicer and functions like it did when we were back in our twenties,” Jada continued.

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Vagina rethreading or rejuvenation seems to work for Jada Pinkett as she, “My yoni is like a 16-year-old, I’m not kidding. It looks like a little beautiful peach.”

Ladies, let us know if you ever had your vagina rejuvenated or rethreaded and how it turned out.



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