Tommy Lee Sparta in court on lottery scamming charges.

Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

Buju Banton recently got out of an American prison. Vybz Kartel is trying to get out of a Jamaican prison. Tommy Lee Sparta is trying to stay out of prison. It is just another day in the world of dancehall.

Dancehall Star, Tommy Lee Sparta, is in court today to face trial on lottery scamming charges along with his co-defendant O’Brian Smith.

The trial judge, Carolyn Tie, ordered an early adjournment after the prosecutor failed to show evidence that it had promised to show. The prosecutor’s main witness, Detective Corporal Campbell, blamed the failure on being unable to access a hard drive that contains the evidence. The prosecution experienced a similar problem last week which is why court was pushed to today.

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Before the start this morning, Tie asked the prosecution if the technology had been sorted out.

Attorney for the prosecution, Sophia Thomas said, “Yes your honour.”

However, at the first attempt, Campbell could not access the evidence from the courtroom.

He said, “I am unable to access the actual evidence. I’m not sure why that is but I am unable to access it.”

Thomas asked, “Any reason why you are unable to access the info from the hard drive now?”

Campbell said, “What I was doing by connecting the external hard drive to my laptop is a different process from the forensic process that I used. The forensic tools I used are able to read info from all hard drives. The process I employed in court is different.”

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The detective told the court that he would have seek permission from his superior to bring his forensic equipment to court, something that has never been done.

Tie was not pleased and asked that steps be taken to ensure that the evidence can be viewed.

The matter was then adjourned until 2PM EST.



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