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Will Donald Trump Win In 2016?

No presidential political campaign has started so unexpectedly and with so much drama like that of Donald Trump’s. Since his announcement that he is running for the president in 2016, Donald Trump has dominated national news and political debate like Manchester United dominates soccer. With the largest audience in the history of United States watching the first Republican presidential debate, there is no denying that the interest is high among the voters regarding Trump. Which makes one thing sure that Trump is not joking around and he is not going away too soon or without a tough fight. Millions of his supporters might stay with him till the very end. They believe that Trump’s campaign is a winning campaign and they like their guy.

There is also no denying that there is bad press involved with Trump’s election campaign but the difference between most candidates and Trump is that Trump is not affected by bad press. Where other candidates crack up under the pressure of so much negativity, Trump thrives on it. He is surely not a quitter and with the looks of it, he might just be in for the big game this time.

Part of his advantage in the elections of 2016 is that the voters are fed up with the present status quo. Many of the voters think that other candidates including former and currently elected officials are all part of the existing problem with the system.

Trump has built a state of the art campaign but he’ll have to do a lot better if he actually wants to win the nomination. One thing that Trump needs to keep in mind is that this not a reality shows. It is a modern, multimillion-dollar campaign with social media, sophisticated, up-to-the-minute positive and negative television spots, policy-development research, opposition research, grass-roots organization, full-scale legal consultation, coalition building and a structured campaign in most of the 50 states.

So, if he has too win, he has to keep playing tough and keep moving forward, no matter what.

Donald trump 2016

Donald trump 2016

Donald trump 2016