10 Reasons why Donald Trump is more evil than Adolph Hitler.

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler
Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump is an evil man, there is no denying that, however, when you take the time to scrutinize his recent budget proposal, it is clear that if Trump gets his way, he will make Adolph Hitler looks godly.

Donald Trump’s agenda is to push poor people to their limits, especially Black and brown people, to force them into taking drastic measures to survive, this will give Donald Trump the excuse he needs to wage all out war on the United States’ poorer class.

Below are ten ways Donald Trump is planning to ignite war on poor people, especially Black and Brown.

1. Donald Trump is planning to cut funding to the Legal Services Corporation.

The Legal Services Corporation provides funding for legal aid groups to support the low-income households in civil cases, such as securing restraining orders for victims of domestic abuse and helping homeowners prevent foreclosure. These legal services bolster families who otherwise have limited protection during incredible destabilizing events. With no legal aid to help prevent foreclosures, Donald Trump’s real estate cronies will lay wait on the sideline to gobble up foreclosed homes at pennies to the dollar.

2. Donald Trump wants to put an end to efforts to revitalize public housing.

Choice Neighborhoods takes a community-driven approach to the revitalization of neighborhoods with public housing. This holistic strategy moves away from previous approaches that isolate public housing from community resources and services and attempts to fully integrate families into the community. Trump understands that revitalizing communities means a decline in crimes and this does not bode well for his private prison initiative. Former president Obama had put a stop to private prisons which Trump has restarted, he will need prisoners to feed these prisons.

3. Donald Tramps wants to cut Emergency food assistance.

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides a range of services in partnership with community-based organizations, include emergency food assistance through food banks. The local administration of these resources enable community organizations to design services that are customized to be effective in that context. We all know that a hungry man is an angry man and angry men do angry this. Therefore this also bodes ell with the Trump private prison initiative.

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4. Donald Trump wants to cut after school and summer programs.

21st Century Community Learning Centers provide before and after school and summer programs for children in low-income communities. These programs frequently receive funding through other federal resources to provide health snacks and meals to children who participate and can fill a critical nutritional gap for children, especially over the summer. The great things about these programs is that they keep children off the streets and out of trouble but Trump wants as much poor people in trouble as possible for reasons stated above.

5. Donald Trump wants to cut heating assistance for low-income people.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families afford heating and cooling costs. LIHEAP is an essential tool for preventing the occurrence of “heat or eat” situations where families must cut back on food to offset increased energy costs. In Boston, for example, researchers found a 30% increase in the number of underweight infants and toddlers in the winter months compared to the rest of the year. (See hungry man is an angry man analogy above).

6. Donald Trump wants to cut Aid for poor college students.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, which provides financial assistance for poor college students, is eliminated. The cost of college can be a major financial impediment, especially for students from low-income backgrounds. Just yesterday, a new report from Wisconsin HOPE Lab, a research institution at the University of Wisconsin studying post-secondary outcomes, found that two-thirds of community-college students don’t have enough to eat, and 14% are homeless. This is Donald Trump’s way of making sure that those that are poor have no chance of pulling themselves out of poverty, especially in this technology driven world.

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7. Donald Trump wants to cut Meals on Wheels.

Trump’s budget cuts the Community Development Block Grant program to state and local governments, many of which use the money to fund services for poor seniors, including Meals on Wheels, a food assistance program serving almost 2.5 million low-income seniors in 2015. Even the elderly will go to drastic measures when the are hungry and when they do there will be a cell waiting for them in one of Donald Trump’s private prisons.

8. Donald Trump wants to cut nutrition for pregnant and nursing women.

The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is not eliminated in Trump’s budget, but is substantially reduced. It supports pregnant, postpartum, and nursing women and helps young children have their nutritional needs met at critical points in a their development. This absence could result in lasting cognitive and physical impairment. This one is what you call investing in the future of private prisons. It might take a while to digest but think about it and you will get it.

9. Donald Trump plans to send federal troops into Chicago.

Donald Trump will eventually take Military action against brown and black people, Chicago is where the prototype will be launched. those who survive the Trump’s onslaught will end up in his private prisons.

10. Donald Trump ban on Muslims is the smoke before the fire.

Donald Trump ban on Muslims in America is just the tip of the iceberg. If the madman gains the traction he wants in the senate and the house, the holocaust will be a slice of cake compared to what is to come.



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