Usain Bolt has never smoked marijuana in his life.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

There is a popular misconception that most Jamaicans are marijuana smokers. The fact is, however, most Jamaicans including one of Jamaica’s favorite sons, Usain Bolt, has never smoked marijuana in their lives.

When people think of Jamaica they think beautiful beaches, nice sunshine, reggae music, Bob Marley, Rasta and of course marijuana. Some people think all or most people from Jamaica smoke ganja. That is not so. In fact, one of the country’s most famous sons has never smoked weed in his life.

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In a stunning revelation, we learned that Bolt has never smoked pot in his life. Never? Never, ever, ever.

Though you wouldn’t expect a former world-class sprinter whose lungs had to be in tip-top shape to be smoking, it’s pretty astounding that Bolt hasn’t even attempted to smoke weed out of curiosity. He has been running so much for so long that taking a one draw from a spliff was never even a thought.

Even after hanging up the running shoes, Bolt did not have time to even think about smoking pot as he went right into soccer, a sport that like running, requires the healthiest of lungs.

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To expect Usian Bolt to have smoked marijuana is like thinking that Bob Marley was a very fast runner just because he came from Jamaica.



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