Walmart worker murdered by daughter and son-in-law.

Walmart worker murdered by her daughter and son-in-law
Walmart worker murdered by her daughter and son-in-law

A missing Kentucky Walmart employee was murdered by her daughter and son-in-law — who later tried to cover up the crime, police said.

Sherry Rose, of London, was reported missing Monday by co-workers at the local megastore after she failed to show up for her shift for a week.

Her daughter, Christie McFadden, 28, and son-in-law, Joseph McFadden, 31, later admitted stabbing Rose to death during an argument, according to an arrest report. They were arrested and charged with the 58-year-old woman’s murder just after midnight Tuesday, according to the Times-Tribune.

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They are also charged with tampering with physical evidence, abuse of a corpse, evading police, and theft. A bond was not set. They were due in court Wednesday morning.

The couple admitted that they bought mops, ammonia and bleach to clean up the bloody crime scene before stuffing Rose’s corpse in a suitcase, police said. The couple also allegedly withdrew $500 from Rose’s account.

The couple disposed of Rose’s body in a rural part of Clay County with the help of Michael and Kody Hinkle. The Hinkles were charged with tampering with physical evidence and disposal of a body, WKYT reported.

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Police say the Hinkles hid Rose in their trunk, then disposed of her body in a remote area, according to WTQV. Their relationship to the McFaddens was not immediately clear.



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