Dancehall music is coming out of the closet?

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Dancehall artist Konshens
Dancehall artist Konshens

For years dancehall music was labeled as being the most homophobic genre of music. In fact, some homosexuals groups started calling the genre “Murder Music” and claimed that the genre was inciting violence against gay and LGBTQ people.

A few months ago, veteran dancehall reggae artist, Tony Rebel, revealed that numerous dancehall reggae artists who are gay and he encouraged them to come out of the closet.

Since 2019 it seems like some dancehall stars have come out of the closet or at least trying to. Shauna Controlla previously known as Shauna Chin who rose to fame posing as the manager and lover of Gully recently revealed that she was actually a bisexual. As a reward for coming out of the closet, she was invited to perform on Reggae Sumfest 2019 even though numerous other artists who were more talented and wanted to be on the festival were not given the opportunity.

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Shenseea who claims to be the most beautiful woman in dancehall and too beautiful to be a Jamaican also released a video where she was in bed half-naked with another half-naked woman. At the release of the video, she received a lot of negative feedback from fans who thought she was leading her young and impressionable fans to believe that homosexuality is normal. One artist, who came to Shenseea’s defense, was Konshens.

Now it is becoming obvious why Konshens came out in defense of Shenseea as he himself now has to explain his own sexuality. This week Konshens was sporting what appears to be a woman’s blouse. If the “bruk off yuh back” singer thought he was making a fashion statement, many dancehall fans and fellow entertainers did not think so and they let Konshens know about it. One of the most vocal artists to chastise Konshens was I-Octane.

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“Me a drive and pure notification, listen to me now, Konshens… yuh say a pure man song me sing, ‘Me no go a my bed go dream bout bwoy’ all type a something’ me no wear man cloth badman no bore nose,’” I-Octane said.

It has only been a little over a month since Tony Rebel encouraged artists to come out of the closet and it is only a little over half way through 2019, it will be very interesting to see what else is in store for dancehall for the remainder of the year.



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