Not all plastic surgeries are for vain reasons.

plastic surgery
plastic surgery

A lot of people when they hear the term plastic surgery they automatically think of someone trying to enhance their appearance. Maybe in today’s vain and materialistic society, that is often the case. It is important to keep in mind however, that a lot of plastic surgeries are actually for health reasons. A nose job is not always because someone wants a larger, smaller, straighter or longer nose. Sometimes the nose job recipient has a breathing or sinus problem and it is necessary for them to have some work down on their nose. So when you see someone with a new nose, don’t just assume that they did it to enhance their appearance.

There are even times when plastic surgery is necessary and it diminishes one’s appearance rather than enhance it. There was a woman who had such big and beautiful breasts, she was the talk of her neighborhood. Unfortunately, to support Dolly Parton’s rack, you need Dolly Parton’s back, she did not have Dolly Parton’s back and has a result her doctor recommended that she had plastic surgery to reduce the size of her breasts. Now even though she admits that she misses all the attention she had grown used to, she readily admits that she is happy to have gotten rid of the back pains she had because of the stress from the weight of her breasts.

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We also see a lot of soldiers returning from Iraq who have to get some kind of plastic surgery. A lot of soldiers get injured and even after the wounds are healed they leave behind severe scars and disfigurements. In these cases, soldiers are forced to undergo numerous plastic surgeries to try to look as close to the way they did before their ordeal as possible.

Now, I am not defending plastic surgery, I think we are all perfectly beautiful the way God made us. Nevertheless, people should realize that not every one goes under the knife to look pretty; some do it for health reasons.

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