Eminem and Popcaan could be headed for a lyrical war.

Popcaan and Eminem
Popcaan and Eminem

After Drake dissed Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97, Flex made it clear that there is some retaliation brewing. “Hahahaha!!! 7pm Sat I got a story to tell! @Drake u gonna learn!”. No one knows for sure what Flex has in store for Drake but the rumor on social media is that it will be a dis track from Eminem where he tears into Drake. That is where the unruly top flight Jamaican artist, Popcaan, comes into the picture. Both reggae and hip-hop fans doubt that the dancehall reggae star would stand idly by and watch his friend get dissed by Eminem.

So if Eminem does have dis son for Drake, he should be prepared to go up against Popcaan also. Popcaan was quick to come to Drake’s defense when reggae dancehall singjay dissed him and it is safe to say this time would be no different. Popcaan already proved that he is not afraid to challenge a rapper as he went toe to toe, blow for blow against Wiz Khalifa in culture clash.

So while the lyrical war is not certain right now, both reggae dancehall and hip hop fans will be tuning in to Funkmaster Flex to see what he has in store. If Flex does have a song by Eminem dissing Drake then Slim Shady better be prepared for a lyrical onslaught from the unruly Popcaan.



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