MR. VEGAS announces he’s leaving Dancehall, “I’m choosing Jesus!”

Over the weekend, jamaican dancehall artist, Mr Vegas took to social media where he officially announced, he is leaving secular music behind! His announcement suggests he’s taking a page of fellow ex-dancehall artist Lady Saw…He stated the following!

“Thanks to the fans that stood by me over the years….this is the start of a new journey. This is the day that I answered to his call. I have decided to make Jesus my choice.”

He apparently stated further that the move is in keeping with a promise he made to God during a near-death experience on a flight to France last December; he experienced extremely bad turbulence! Then and there he promised to become a servant of God if by chance the plane landed safely.

Some are saying he delayed his plans when he realized Lady Saw turned over her life to God; he did not want to be viewed as upstaging her but when it comes to issues of the heart who would say that?

Nonetheless; after having said all that, Mr. Vegas’s new album titled “This is Dancehall” remains slated to release in 20days’! Go figure!






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