Congratulations are in order for Dancehall Legend “Shabba Ranks”

Shabba Ranks

img_3839As you may have already known, Renton “Shabba Ranks” Gordon was among 4 top Jamaican entertainers slated to be lauded with the Order of Distinction – Commander Class at this year’s Jamaica National Honours and Awards Ceremony  in Kingston, Jamaica.

Along with Shabba Ranks, Dub poet Mutabaruka, whose real name is Allan Roy Hope, the late William “Bunny Rugs” Clarke and Gregory Isaacs were all also honored. They will be awarded with the Order of Distinction – Commander Class.

Contributions | Significance

Though arguable, Shabba Ranks introduced dancehall to the world; the most popular dancehall act in  the 90s. His raspy, masculine, gravel toned and his rap-style delivery was extremely commanding.  Shabba won 2 Grammy Awards  while signed to Epic Records     Label.

Greatest Hits Includes 

Trailer Load a Girls

Mr. Lover Man (featuring Chevelle Franklin)

Ting a Ling

House Call

Twice My Age

Gal you Good

Wicked Ina

Slow and Sexy

To name a few…

Other honorees in this field include Chris Chin, president of VP records and sculptors Cecil Cooper and Basil Watson. Meanwhile, other honorees will include late journalists, Gary Spaulding and Glenroy Sinclair, who died suddenly in June. They will be awarded the Order of Distinction (OD) – Officer Class, which is Jamaica’s sixth highest national honor.

This Honour has sent the Reggae|Dancehall world in celebratory vibes.  Social media is plastered with “Congratulation Shabba Ranks”.  Who could forget his entry line …A me man, Big Dutty Stinking Shabba Ranks” well deserved.  Congratulations are in Order‼️



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