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Police Brutality “Murder In The Streets” Khadeno Hails From Seaview Gardens

Police Brutality "Murder In The Streets" Khadeno Hails From Seaview Gardens

OBSERVER reports of a shooting and triple murder in the Thompson Pen area of Spanish Town, St Catherine.

According to the reports, the shooting took place about 12:07 pm 20.11.16. One person died on the spot and two died at the hospital.


Another person is in serious condition at the hospital, police say.

It’s stories like these that makes musicians like Khadeno want to spread a positive message to the listeners and the youths about police brutality along with injustice.

The Seaview gardens native stated that he had a song for these scenarios that he was pushing but was held back for some strange reasons. Khadeno begun performing in his local areas growing up around influential deejays like Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and new generations like Black Man, Dexta Daps, Joey Swezz & more.


His introduction, a “strong message to the youths” police and the defence forces to stop the violence in the streets, put down the guns before its too late.


Akieem Stewart was sitting under a mango tree in the backyard of a neighbour’s house writing a text message on his mobile phone when he came face to face with a member of the Jamaica constabulary force. Within seconds he was dead.

Stewart was 22, and had been about to take up a post as a hotel manager – his first job since finishing college. That Sunday in March, his mother Latoya Brown was at work at the ministry of health in the city.

Halfway down the street, his grandmother had just returned from church to the family home, one of a collection of low-rise concrete houses in the Elletson Flats neighbourhood on the northern outskirts of the Jamaican capital.

“The last time I saw him was in the morning when I woke up,” said Brown. “His girlfriend had done his hair; he was saying, ‘How does this look mum?’ I told him he had to get a haircut because he was starting work.”

At around 3pm, Brown’s phone rang. “There was screaming in the background, it was my mum trying to say something, then the phone went dead. Then my mum rang back, she said: ‘Akieem got shot up, him got shot up and it look like him dead.’”

Sylvia Morris, grandmother of Akieem Stewart gestures as she describes how her grandson was killed in Cheshire Village, Kingston.




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