Queen iFrica | on becoming sexier & Cheating on Tony Rebel at Rebel Salute 201

It’s now common knowledge that Reggae Artist Queen iFrica is the spouse of Reggae Veteran Tony Rebel…

We also know the power couple are the promoters of the 25 years old – yearly Reggae Festival #RebelSalute

Queen iFrica appeared on stage around 2pm Sunday morning in a khaki Color bodysuit abc cape with reddish/burgundy lining!

She looked great but it’s a far stretch from the original Rasta Queen. She mentioned to the crowd they must have noticed her looking sexier lately and joked the outfit was for her hubby’s birthday! Anyway, like she’s known to do, gave an awesome performance! She bun some fiah, introduce new dancer Queen LeTesha, introduced her new video ft jr gong and spoke to the crowd on social issues. Again, nothing unusual there.

What grabbed the attention of inquisitive minds is something she said amid highlighting the current spike in domestic violence against women. She said “men, when your women cheat on you don’t kill them, figure out what’s causing the need to cheat” no problems there either. She went on to say, mi naw go pretend like my life perfect, me gi trouble and my king gi trouble but find a way fi work it out! Mouths dropped when those words left her mouth. Was it a mistake? Did she mean to say no relationship is perfect? Who knows but when Jamaicans says their spouse “gi trouble” in the context of addressing infidelity, they are in fact talking about cheating.

Anyway, her message was on point, you can’t  kill every woman that cheats and domestic violence needs to be quelled. Kudos to the queen for raising that issue.

Wonder what Tony Rebel had to say about that comment tho? Rebel Salute was a blast!

Stay tuned as 18 Reggae brings you the run down of Reb



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