Rita Marley’s “One Draw” gets more life.

Rita Marley - One Draw
Rita Marley - One Draw

The early song ‘One Draw’ was sung by the powerful Queen ‘Rita Marley’. “One Draw” has Return to this generation with a FRESH classical feel on the same reggae instrumentals. In this new cover by Trinidad & Tobago’s premier multi-genre squad of artiste’s “D-Linc”.


song features reggae artiste “JALIFA” The fire princess, alongside “Hd57 the ninjah, & two other members of D-linc group, Reddy and G-May.
So far the group has been rated by many including “Wu Tang Clan” “Eryka Badu” and a lot more!, for creating such great music for all generations, and building a powerful movement of reggae and hip hop in the Caribbean. As spectacular as this track is, and as the group stated. I’ll say! “Look out for more uncharted fire projects from D-linc this 2017”, better than the next.

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