Right Wing Media tried to blame Muslims for Quebec Mosque shooting | Justin Trudeau Furious

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not prepared to align himself with Donald Trump’s and friends way of viewing the world, especially when it come to racial discrimination.

On January 30, 2017, 6 people were senselessly killed and 8 wounded when a gunman opened fire at a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers, in what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a “terrorist attack on Muslims”.

Fox News and other Right Wing media proceeded to report the incident in a way that was misleading and downright malicious. Their reports suggest the 2 perpetrators were MOROCCAN and Muslim

Justin Trudeau advised he received a call from the US president during which he offered his condolences to the nation. Trudeau was not impressed with the implications though and went on a Twitter Rant expressing exactly how he feels and even suggested Canadian is the more tolerant and humane to the 2 neighbouring countries.

As we know now, based on on-the-record comments from Canadian security authorities, is that there was ONE SHOOTER. We also know that the only individual charged in the case is a

  1. Alexandre Bissonette- Arrested for Mosque shooting in Quebec

WHITE FRENCH CANADIAN – Alexandre Bissonnette is the 27-year-old accused of opening fire on a Quebec City mosque! He is now charged with 6 counts of first-degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder while using a restricted firearm.

Alexandre Bissonette- Arrested for Mosque shooting in Quebec

He is White French-Canadian – A Trump Supporter – NOT a MORROCCON Muslim like Fox News and Friends are reporting. This was an attack on Canadians based on religion. That’s a hate crime and he was seen in media images in hand cuffs where he belongs.

Meanwhile Trudeau is demanding an apology from all who relayed the incorrect information with the intention of unfairly blaming Muslims for the attacks.

The take away is this, a Muslim ban would not have prevented that mass murder. The terrorist was white and home-grown.

He’s known to be
Staunch Trump Supporter




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