Spice promises to have sex with Alkaline and kill him after.

Dancehall artist Spice
Dancehall artist Spice

There is something very strange about dancehall reggae artist, Spice. It seems like she has a devious sexual fantasy in which she wants to grant her enemies sexual favors. Who can forget in last year’s Red Bull Culture crash where her most memorable line was “Wiz Khalifa suck mi pussy”.

No Spice is at it again, this time she is taking aim at Alkaline and his entire Vendetta crew. In a new song aimed at Alkaline, Spice says she is going to have sex with the vendetta boss and then cut his throat after.

Spice lyrics are in retaliation to a song that was done by Alkaline’s alter-ego, Fabian. That song took aim at Spice after she claimed that Alkaline was not in Vybz Kartel’s class.

Whether or not Spice will get the chance to kill Alkaline remains to be seen. A woman who likes to have sex with her enemies has whoring tendencies, so the Ardenne High alumni who claims to be way more intelligent than his Calabar high counterpart should know better than to lay with a whore.

Check out Spice song and let us know what you think of it.



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