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Reggae Historian says if Ziggy Marley was gracious, he would quit collecting undeserved Grammys.

Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley

18 Karat Reggae gets labeled as “Marley haters” whenever we dare to say that there is no way Ziggy Marley is deserving of 8 Grammy Awards.

Reggae historian, Roger Steffens, is now saying the same thing we have been saying for 3 years. The reggae archivist even went a step further to say that Ziggy Marley should stop collecting these undeserved awards.

“If Ziggy Marley is truly gracious, when he accepts it, he will announce that he will no longer accept a nomination for the award, so that others will have a chance to take home the trophy that he already has more than enough of. The award usually goes to the person with the most name recognition, and historically, any time the album is by a Marley, or a tribute to Bob Marley, it usually takes the prize,” he said.

It is not only Ziggy’s father but his wife also sits on the Grammy board, so the Marleys have it locked in from all angles.

To the casual listener of reggae, 18 Karat Reggae wants you to know that Ziggy Marley is not among the best that reggae has to offer, in fact, he is below average. If you want to hear great reggae music, go to YouTube or Spotify and listen to some Beres Hammond, Chronixx, Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Richie Spice, I-Wayne, Boom Viniyard, Buju Banton, Protégé, Freddie McGregor and Kabaka Pyramid.

There are many other great reggae acts that Ziggy Marley is not even worthy to tie their shoe lace but the list above is a great starting point if you are not yet a huge fan of reggae.

While I agree with Roger Steffens that Ziggy Marley should quit accepting these undeserved awards, we think he should take it a step further and quit claiming he is a Rasta and disgracing the movement. You can’t chant Mount Zion while at the same time you are supporting Zionism. Or as Fred Locks would say:

We must love the father with our heart, soul and mind
You can’t serve Jah and Baphomet at the very same time
A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways
You can’t serve two masters, Rastafari must be praised




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  1. Ziggy Marley’s music is “lame” in my opinion.As an avid eeggae fan,name the artist,especially old school,and i can produce a copy of even one song.I have all his father’s albums and some. His songs have never appealed to me.I am more impressed with Damian and Stephen Marley

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