Reggae star offers Serena Williams 100 acres of marijuana to marry him instead of white fiancé.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

By now it is old news that Serena Williams is engaged to bestselling author and Reddit cofounder, Alexis Ohanian, but tongues continue to wag over the engagement. While it is normal for Black male athletes to marry a white female after acquiring wealth, the Black community had a difficult time digesting that the Black female athlete could do the same thing if she so obliged.

Even in Jamaica, Serena Williams’ engagement has been big news. So much so that reggae artist, Ahterny, is now saying that he would give Serena his marijuana farm if she marries him instead of her fiancé. The artist who purchased 100 acres of land in Westmoreland, Jamaica right after Jamaica decriminalized marijuana obtained his license to plant the herb last year and has planting ever since. The “Crazy over you” singer told 18 Karat Reggae that he is offering Serena way more than just a marijuana farm.

“My farm is not just weed. I have all kind of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Even though I don’t eat meat I also have cows, goats and chickens. I know Serena is a wealthy woman but money can’t eat, if there is a food shortage she can always get food on the farm.”

When asked why he believes he has any chance in Serena leaving her fiancé to marry him, Ahterny responded, “Because every African queen needs an African king.”

In fairness to Ahterny, he has professed his love for Serena a long time ago. Before Serena made her engagement public, Ahterny had already made it public that his song Crazy over you was made for Serena.



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