Dancehall Artist Ruffi Striving To Be Like His Mentor Bounty Killer.


From the Sound System to the stage, Dancehall Artist Ruffi aims to become one of the greats! Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica in the community of Haddo, music has always played an important role in his life. Since his schooling years from Haddo Primary to Knockalva Technical High, Ruffi and his friends would sometimes have small Deejaying sessions with the desks and their hands providing the Riddims. With Deejay Bounty Killa being an inspiration, Ruffi would display his skills to his classmates like he was the 5 Star General which earned him his stage name. When School is not in session, they would venture out to different parts of the community where local Artists would meet up and witness them showcasing their talents. Ruffi also made himself known in the community thanks to his appearances with the Phoenix Supreme Sound System where he displayed his toasting skills.

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After High School, Ruffi relocated to Kingston to live with his Stepfather. With the location being the Mecca of Dancehall Music and where many Artists get their start, Ruffi strive to make a name for himself there with the assistance of the German High Power Sound System which was owned by his Stepfather.

Since his days of toasting on Sound Systems, Ruffi has taken his talents to the stage with his many performances all over Jamaica and the United States. With 9 years in, Ruffi aims to give listeners good music that will make their mark on the charts both locally and Internationally. With recordings with Smallboxx Records, PayDay Music Group, Bruck Loose Entertainment and a affiliation with Bounty Killa’s Alliance New Generation, Ruffi promises that he will be a household name. Currently unsigned, he journeys with his Turn-It-Up Entertainment group where he gives other Artists an opportunity to showcase their talents during his performance sets. In present time Ruffi is promoting his recently released debut EP, “Progress Diversify”, and is working with various Producers while honing his skills as a Producer. Ruffi strongly believes that every man has his day, true talent will always stand out, and helping others when he makes it big.

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