Kanye West: You forgot you Black, boy?

Kanye West
Kanye West

There are many in the Black community who looks at rapper, Kanye West, as a sellout, for various reasons. When the rapper married Kim Kardashian there were lots of whispers throughout the Black community, however, when he met with America’s biggest bigot, Donald Trump, most people had seen enough.

A poet by the name of Jasmine Mans summed up what many were beginning to think of Kanye.

Brilliantly alluding to lyrics from some of West’s earlier works, Mans asserts that his marriage to Kim Kardashian distanced West from his black identity.

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“When Kim fucks up the lyrics to ‘The College Dropout’ like them white folks used to fuck up your name, do you pretend not to notice?” Mans recites.

Materialism and lack of social activism are among the other problematic aspects of West’s life that Mans addresses.

“Can you hear all the black kids calling your name? Wondering why the boy who rapped about his momma getting arrested for the sit-ins didn’t sit-in―-why he traded in his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren.”

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Check out the full poem below:



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