Meet Jamaica ‘s Princess Lana

Jamaica's Princess Lana
Jamaica's Princess Lana

The world is being introduced to a new princess and she is not a fairytale one. Princess Lana of Jamaica is the avatar of Jamaican author Judith Martin and she appears in an intriguing children’s picture book series called Pantheon of Beauty.

The “Pantheon of Beauty” book series is inspired by Ms. Martin’s love for fashion, history, geography and world cultures. In the series Lana is an adventurous Jamaican princess who travels to many countries around the world to learn about inspiring women from history. In the first book titled “The Goddess of Beauty” Lana introduces a Nigerian beauty goddess named Oshun who is loved by everyone in her kingdom for her inner and outer beauty. In the second book titled “Saga of a Princess” Lana shares the saga of Princess Efanda a brave Viking princess who made a risky journey across the turbulent sea from Norway to Russia .

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“Through Lana’s exciting adventures, readers get the opportunity to learn a little bit of world history and geography. The stories will also help to build the self-esteem of young children especially girls. Princess Lana represents my personality in an animated and unique way; she is truly different from all other princesses the world has ever known,” said Judith.

The Goddess of Beauty and Saga of a Princess are the first two published titles from this wonderful picture book series; they are currently available online for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Lana will travel to lots more exciting destinations and will share more stories of other beautiful and fascinating women. Ms. Martin plans to release more titles in the coming future.

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